. Then

the beginingEdit

the western frontier army begian after the anglo army fleet and colanization fleet this fleet was made up of undisrables was sweept off course and it eventauily took mouth before they reach land and they were out of food with now way to go back the 3.25 million man immegration fleet had know way to go home founderd there current capital of frontier they formed the congress due to the lack od seed 50,000 people died in first year. they soon after 27 years of expansion and fomation 2 mod encountered tribes that look like them white skined people these tribes who looked liked them were fleeing from king cyrus the mad armies. those tribes were observeing them for awhile and found out these guys might be able to help them agienst cyrus the mad by this the city western was already complete and self sufficant and and grown to 25 million and an army about 250,000 fineily a lasion came in with couarage to speek was asked congress for help unbeknownest to the tribes they had also had trouble with king cyrus and were debateing weather to go two war with them or not than lasion speak about deeds of cyrus this was enough to sickined them so they sent 50,000 of there army to join lasion who turned out be there king of the confederaton of tribes that were fleeing called frontier this would beginthe western frontier wars of there wars of expansion

frontier wars of expansionEdit

the lightning warsEdit

before the lightning wars western frontier population was 1 billion aside from a few minor skrmishes and 2 major battles the frontier stayed out of the lightning wars but it did have few new policies imergration tolerence and openess torwordes refuges and immergrants who had different culture than them because of this by the end the war the western frontiers population was about 1.2 billion most living where the western frontier formed. during the war the frontier did humanitarian refugee assistance and fought skirmishes with the iron legion but otherwise frontier stayed out of lightning wars.

tundra warsEdit

frontier xylvania warEdit

Due the xylvainian troops frontier troops discovering them multiple times in frontier territory multiple times most time holding prisoners they demanded compensation from the xylvainians when both the kaiser andprince kaiser vlad refuse when they the when the frontier found out about a rebellion going on west xylvainian territory lead by the famous fronterian xsylvainian. intellectuals and future frontier xylvainian governor Gunther laduis Schmidt and wealthest man west xylvainia who was single handedy keep the region finenanchily alflot and future general and one of General Herman best friends willhum gustuvus Rommel a rebellion that was gaining up steam.

the frontier said in extange for helping them and they knew frontiers support they and indpendentt state was impossible with out equipment and taticall help and training help the the frontier found out that 1/4 xyvainiann millitry was participating rebellion and eqivlentnt all round expiation force during secreat talks with the democratic ly elected revolutionary council the frontier knew how much the rest xylvainian was abuseing them just because political leadership disagreed with current kaiser they wanted more profits from resource development and way less taxes and xylvainia to be more democratic and free and also environmental reconstruction infastruntorre and economic devlopmentt beacuse protests the kaiser was commiting crimes agienst humanity and being cruel to troops in the area because dislioions of not doing enough to crush rebellion.

the frotier draw up generous terms to the represented in western frontier congress immititely no taxes for five years after they less taxes they where Paying than under the kaiser and the frontier would give them most of they wanted if they joined the western frontier with no chance at becoming independent they chose to become part of the western frontier the western frontier sent 1st specal forces army and 8th specal forcea armry numbering 60'000 each specal forces 11th airforce 4th navel fleet with 3 mega carriers.there objective was to break seges around the cities but before the the xyvainian rebal army broke encirclement around two of there major cities otosburg there capital and nierberg general hermen Rommel half of there forces would seperate one army would destroy supliess the break seges and capture cities the frontier during this conflict due infighting by future kaiser vlad and kaiser ferrock by year latter before after the frontier sized the western and southern areas beyond what was orginaly attended but took it they play for the capital ferrockpolis

second frontier tundra war dues exEdit

final frontier tundra warEdit

first allied xylvania warEdit


second allied xylvania warEdit

size and divisionsEdit

the armed forces of the western frontier cosist of about 47 million men

1st western frontier grand army aka homeland armiesEdit

second grand army western frontier expedition forceEdit

third western frontier grand army AKA the western frontier xylvanian armyEdit

other branches

western frontier NavyEdit

there navy is 8 million saliors has 8 ultra carrier flag ship for grand armada which is the flag ship for there entire force carries 2500 aircraft 15 mega carriers carries 325 aircraft 100 super cariiers 250 air craft carriers 100 aircraft 6000 HBCAlSS split amon armada 6 bombers AH 6 25 helicopters 25 fighters 4 tcand 8-12 LC. also has 8000 drrodnoughts 12,000 submarines 12,000 frigetits 3.000 detroyers 6 helicoptor 4 attack 2 tc.

navy compsion

8- ultra carrier crew 20,000

25-megacariers crew 5,000

100 super carriers crew 1,500

250 carriers crew 1000

droudnoughts 8,000 45

6000 hbcaisss crew 250

2,200 battleships crew 100

12,000 submarines crew 40

12,000 frigets crew 32

western frontier air forceEdit

the airforce has about 1,250,000 fighters F19 stelth hypersonic fighters 150,000 bombers 6000 strato destroyers 8 million

1st air armada attached to the homeland

second air armada frontier exbitionary force

third air armada frontier xyalvainians army

strato destryers X 4 per crew 24,000 men

400,000 fighters 400,000 airmen

50000 bombers 4 crew airmen x 264,000 men

4 mechnics for each craft

basic life and populationEdit

the western frontier population is 3.2 billion