Qem's Theme - Advance Wars Black Hole Rising20:04

Qem's Theme - Advance Wars Black Hole Rising

Qem is a CO who becomes the leader of Black Hole after the final base falls and it kills Hawke and Von Bolt.

Hit: Hard Work

Miss: United Nations

With a ridiculuously large amount of money, Qem usually sends out strong units like Neotanks and Artillerys due to their power. Its best to save up money to buy something stronger.

CO PowersEdit

Normal Power: Deux Ex: Gives Qem a powerful amount of firepower for his troops.

Super Power: Rainmaker: Gives an insane amount of firepower to units on bridges and roads.


When a unit is defeated: Blast!

When your unit is defeated: Great!

When using Normal Power: Taste the fire!

When using Super Power: Make it rain!

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