Peter is a Green Earth CO, who often considers Connor as his rival. All of his units move faster, making him very much the opposite of Connor in ability, but fares poorly against artillery.

CO AbilitiesEdit

All of Peter's units move a space further than normal. However, he takes 10% more damage from indirect-combat units.

  • CO Power: All of Peters units move an extra two spaces, but incur a 10% defence penalty.
  • Super CO Power: All of Peter's units move three extra spaces and gain a 10% Fire Power and Defence Bonus.

Battle Maps discussionEdit

Hachi has the following to say about Peter in Battle Maps:

"Ever seen that Peter guy? He's one of the newcomers from Green Earth, but don't let that fool you. He likes to do things fast, and all of his troops move faster because of it. However, the ruckus it causes often means enemy indirect-combat units know exactly where to aim. You can see what happens right? KABOOM! His CO powers let him move even faster, but it leaves his men a bit disorriented. But Heaven help when he gets his Super CO Power."