Head of state Kaiser Eagle /actual head Military

Eagle first joined the army Air Force in honor of his father, likewise an army Air Force officer. He is the de Jure leader of Green Earth as restored contatutional kaiser and also the actual leader of green earths millitry because he was a descendent of the last kaiser before forced to avicate after green earth earth losing a world war over hundred years after his father died who wanted to restroe the republic after opposing a fanciest like dictaorship eagle fiffiled his father wishes got 70 percent of all branch official branch forces and 10 percent when you included drake forcesforces on his side when he begin by the end of all the millitry and citizens where on his side all localest 10 of the percent percent dihards the guard had been killed he made an Alied even with resistance leader drake branded as a pirate by the old government over the two years of civil and before that they became best friends after the end of the civil he was so popular the people demanded despite him government and millitry wishes they did it beacuse he somehow not on purpose formed something cult willing personality people joined so beacuse even the republicans aristocracy where all willing or contutionalism despite his his mom being wealiest and also self made multi triionaire commoner in green earth all beacame contatutioniests overnight he war proclaim by his call sign as Kaiser Eagle I and is held in high regard by the citizenry. This hero-worship has not have gone to his head: in the third game, he claims, "Only I can beat me. Which if he get carried awa he will get beaten. He is Over the course of the three games that he was involved in, he has developed a strong relationship and married to Sami of Orange Star after the four nations formed permanent loose federation after the secon war and became a father a year before duel strike Otto named after his father 3 mouthe berfore it twins Sara and Cassandra.

political head prime minister holtzon he is the old guy who was preaching democracy was wiling to restore the kaisership and regional democracy despite not likening the idea with eagle and other monoarchs but did it beacuse eagle was so like by the people and they wanted to,restore them as constutional momarchs he see no harm in the end and it help get plains and rebuilding done quicker even the republicans became for it