Connor is a CO of the Orange Star Nation, graduating from the Orange Star Military Academy alongside Sam and Azuki. He specialises in protracted battles.

CO abilitiesEdit

All units led by Connor gain a permanent 5% fire power bonus at the begining of each day (to a Maximum of 125% for all units). However, due to his nature all of his units start at 80% firepower.

CO power: All Allied units movement increases by one space. All indirect fire units range increase by one space.

Super CO power: Same as above, but increased by 2 spaces.

Battle Maps DiscussionEdit

In Battle Maps, Hachi says the following:

"Hey, have you got round to meeting that Connor kid? He's probably the brightest of the new troublesome trio of Orange Star. Trouble is he's a bit lazy and takes a while to commit to something, even battles. So his units start off with lower firepower. But as time goes on, he gets more into something and this gets his men even more fired up. Even Kanbei would think twice before going up against this Kid after Day 9. His CO powers are a bit lacklustre, but he always think of ways to use those small advantages."

Relations with other COsEdit

  • Sam: Connor has a friendly relation with Sam, though much of his dialogue towards Sam other than reporting is telling him to calm down.
  • Azuki: Connor has an implied romanitc interest in Azuki.
  • Koal: Connor loathes Koal, often calling him a hothead.