Azuki is an Orange Star CO, graduating from the Military Academy with Connor and Sam. She fights against Air units, but suffers against Naval units.

CO AbilitiesEdit

Azuki's units receive a 20% fire power and defence boost against Air units. However, she incurs a 20% firepower and defence penalty against naval units.

  • CO power: All units cost 10% less and gain a further 10% Fire power and defence boost.
  • Super CO power: All units cost 20% less and gain a 20% Fire power and defence boost.

Battle Maps discussionEdit

When discussing Azuki, Hachi says the following:

"Ever tried fighting with Azuki? She's so optimistic, and she aims high. Really high. So high, in fact, she's really good when fighting against Air units, much to the dismay of Eagle and Sensei from what I've heard. However, she really doesn't like the idea of sailing and often forgets about naval units under her command. So she really suffers when naval units come knocking. In short, when there are no docks but there are airports she's your CO."